The panel named CELPANE is made of cellulous insulation.

Execution example of CELPANE. During an application for a U.S. patent .

The insulation made of the paper which can be recycled. The sinking phenomenon which was a fault by making cellulous a panel was settled, and it learned to insert it into the wall of the residence easily by carpenter's hand.

The size of CELPANEis width 45cm length 90cm.
Thickness is 3 types of 50mm 75mm 100mm.
Discuss other size.

Because the width direction has elasticity, CELPANE is cut large, and it decides to be pushed in. Because a process to cut is shown, the panel is being carried here to the spot.
And, cotton is actually blocked with the paper not to fall though the top is being made open to know the condition of the cotton of cellulous in the panel.

Cotton settles down by the paper of the partition inserted into the interval like this 3cm to the sandwich-shaped. The paper of this partition is a pair, and the edge of cutter is inserted between the paper of the pair and the paper, and it can be cut easily though it is hard to be understood in the photograph.

The state that it is being cut.
A thread is put between two sheets-fold partitions at a stage of realization in advance, and it thinks that it is made be to cut off without a cutter, too.

It could be cut safely.
The cut end of the cut right and left is blocked with the paper, and cotton never falls from the section. Paper on the opposition side is cut off with a knife, too.

CELPANE can be used by cutting it large in the building of what kind of method of construction as well because it has elasticity and elastic though it decides to be cut 3cm in a pace in the part of the partition when it is cut in the width direction.

The state that it was actually set on the wall side.
It settled down a feeling might be fine when it was pushed in because it was a little big. Because it had suitable elasticity, the power which tried to be regained to the size of the cause functioned, and it was the miscalculation which it was glad at that a gap didn't occur in the circumference at all.

Execution example panorama .


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